I have been here for three days alone. I never realized how quiet or big this place could seem. It never bothered me when I knew D would be walking through the door each evening. It doesn't help that the iron deficiency has reared its ugly head again. We thought it was better and I quit taking the supplements. Well I am back to sleepless nights, fatigue and restless leg syndrome. Doc called about the blood results yesterday to let us know my iron was low. I had beat her to that one, started taking my pills again two days before. She also said there seems to be a problem with my thyroid. At least from what I understand it's easily fixable. So finally all my tests are done and I will be in to see her soon for a diagnosis. My range of motion and yoga have already greatly improved the pain in my shoulders and neck but I am curious to what she found. Hopefully when all is said and done I will be a much healthier and more comfortable person!

The first two days D was gone were spent in a fog for me. With no sleep and the terrible fatigue I had no energy for anything. Last night I slept though and today I feel a bit better. I have had much time to think and have ideas running around in my head again. I already showed you one piece from my last experiments with the floss. Here is the whole group of them finished. Some are not as regular spaced as I was definitely feeling my way around with this one. But they are all lovely in their own rights.

Today I have some silk velvet soaking in the soda ash...I have a new idea *grin* I will be back soon to show you the results...good or bad!

BTW~ D has looked at several wonderful apartments in Strasbourg but I think his heart is set on the one out on the edge of the city. It has a more country/small village feel to it and its quite big. He says its older but I dont mind that. I always found older homes more charming. So fingers crossed! He has three more places to visit and after that a decision to make. I am helping as much as I can without being there but I am not worried. He did a great job with this place on his own.

Hope all of you are having a peaceful and creative week <3
6 comments on "Alone"
  1. I like the charm of an older place too. Hope your health continues to improve!

  2. ohhh hellooooo! Glad to be able to rediscover your blog & shop as I love your multi-coloured threads! xox

  3. The threads look so beautiful the way you wrap them up. -- Hope that your health will soon be on top. Maybe it will help that the days are getting longer and your energies should be returning -- I can feel some of it. -- Good luck for the apartement search!

  4. How lucky that you will be living in Strasbourg! I visited there in the late 90's, and of all the places we visited in Europe, it was my favorite! The church in the heart of the cit is magnificent!

  5. i love that black floss with the bright colours!

    glad your tests are all done and the thyroid problem is easily fixed :)

    i love older houses, they have such character to them

  6. lesthook- Thank you, it seems each year I am in France I get better. I was a very ill girl when I arrived here!
    charis *waves* hey girl..I missed you!
    Eva-I really like to wrap them that way. It lets people see exactly how the thread goes. Skeins can be so deceiving! Thanks for the luck..soon it will all be over!
    Peggy- I cannot WAIT to get there and finally settle. Its been too long up in the air!
    Thanks Jennifer Rose. I like them quite a bit too *grin* I also am glad all the poking and prodding is over...hope I get a chiropractor prescription from all this, an adjustment would feel great. Or a masseuse...that would be divine! hehe