Would you like some coffee with your milk?

This morning I woke up, went into the kitchen, turned on the coffee maker, put in a dose of coffee, got the milk out of the refrigerator and promptly poured some into the coffee canister....I'm still shaking my head at myself :p
2 comments on "Would you like some coffee with your milk?"
  1. Ha, ha, ha! I've done things like that. My favorite tho was when my husband would forget to put the pot on the coffee maker and make coffee all over the counter! :)

    Thanks for the comment on my blog!

  2. And then there was the Saturday morning I let Caleb! make a pot of the tresure he brought home from Minnesota. Peaberry, $20/lb! We sat in the back room drinking coffee and laughing till we were rolling off our Kiesters! Later when I cleaned out the filter..Oy!
    It was full to the top....Now we Know how to make Saturdays fun....but at that rate...we have no more Peaberry Coffee =(