TO Dye for...

I did my first dye bath. I bought some jersey sheets to cut up for my livingroom rug...cause there is NO WAY I can collect around 60 old tshirts to do that big of a rug. At least not in a short time. They were really cheap on ebay anyway so I couldnt resist. When they got here they werent quite the colors I wanted them but that was ok, what a perfect excuse to try out my dying! So I had a medium blue sheet that wasnt a bad color but I relly wanted it a little darker so I dyed it with my cotton candy dye (candy pink) I put plenty of dye in the bath to make it a nice color and lots of salt and the results were this beautiful shade of purple. I'm in love! So much so that I rushed home today ad made another dye bath, this one in navy...and I threw in a few old tops that I havent been wearing because of thier color.

They are soaking away right now and I just cant wait to see how they turn out. I'm hooked. I found this dye to be incredibly easy to work with and the vividness of the color is more than I expected. I cant wait to try something a little more interesting than solid color. I'm sure that It will be even more fun.
1 comment on "TO Dye for..."
  1. It is fun isn't it? I look forward to seeing your next experiments :)