On hold

I decided to put my wall hanging on hold for awhile. I wanted to explore another area. Since I have been creating again I have also been visiting many blogs out there of other artists which has fanned the creative spark.
One thing I noticed was that so many of these blogs had a link to their personal etsy shop. Now I had never explored etsy before. I had heard of it but never really looked into it. When I did finally go and start looking I was amazed! A place where people could actually sell their own handmade goods?!?! They dont charge you an arm and a leg to do it?!?! This was sounding very interesting.

As many of you already know, my husband is a student in his final year to get his masters degree. He works long and hard at Uni and doesnt work outside of this. We live on a very tight budget. I have been unwilling to look for work here as I do not speak French well enough to communicate. I have considered trying to find someone who sends out piecework but D seems to think that is not a common practice here in France. GIving that the items that people wish to have rewoven are usually quite expensive I can understand that.

I began to have ideas about selling some of my work on etsy BUT I didnt have a sewing machine and the few things I thought about making really required one. Then out of the blue last week we were told that D's grandfather had sold his car (he is unable to drive anymore) and he bought us both a gift, a larger monitor for D to code on (programming can be quite a pain on a small one) AND...AND...a sewing machine for me!!!!! He is just the sweetest man on earth. I really adore him and he is so generous to us. I made him promise me that he had to stick around here on earth until I can speak French fluently so we can have long conversations over a vert de Creme d'armagnac. ^_^
Anyway...I have started on my first item for Etsy and I think it will be quite cute. I am only doing the embroidery part now and still have quite a bit to do there..but my machine should be here by the end of the week! Then I will post some pics of the finished product.

2 comments on "On hold"
  1. I just LOVE this! What a creative use of fabrics and your stitches are wonderful!

  2. Busy...and as always, beautifully inspiring <3