New territory

So...this is what I've been wanting to jump into lately. I have slowly been gathering all the supplies. Unfortunately I have been unable to find urea in this area. I also want to purchase a tjanting as I really want to do some batik work. The thing is...I've never really dyed much before. I did one session with my sister a long time ago and only half finished the top I was working on. I remember the silver buttons from that top sitting in the tray of my sewing basket forever. I somehow lost it in all my moves.
I'm always a little nervous when I try something new. It usually helps to do it with someone else. Then you can kinda help each other bumble along. *hehe* I dont really have any friends here yet. Seeing as I can't really speak the language much, it's not surprising. Even in my French class there are no english speakers except my teacher. So I guess this is one adventure I'm going to go alone. Once I figure out where to start
I thought maybe I could just do a little tyedye on an old sheet I have, and if it comes out good I could use some of it in my wallhanging. Any suggestions?
2 comments on "New territory"
  1. I am also interested in trying dying. Have you seen India Flint's blog/book? You can link to her from my blog (left column "TO DYE FOR"). I figure I have a fresh, organic supply of urea whenever I want it. Is that too gross?

  2. Well my motto is, use what you have as much as possible...and yes, it can get a little gross at times when that's your philosophy!