I have this clear plastic carton. I found it on the landing several months ago. My neighbor is a college girl who has a few peculiar habits, one of them being that she occasionally sets things out on the landing that she considers 'trash'. One day it was this huge empty box of ferraro rochets, believe me when I say...I was green with envy. *grins*
Anyway...I went out one day to get the mail and here sits this clear plastic carton. I immediately coveted it. Then I swooped it up and took it inside. After all...it was heading for certain death. I have had this silly carton sitting around for months and done nothing with it. At first I thought "candle holder" and then mulled the ideas around in my head of what I would put on said candle holder. Nothing came to me. Then one day out of the clear blue sky zapped this great idea. I would make a light shade out of it. I have this awful bare bulb hanging down in my living room. I had bought some material to make a fabric shade for it similar to the one in the bedroom but something had held me back. It just wasnt what I wanted for that room. So instead I am making this....
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