Deep Thoughts

I read other peoples blogs and I feel like I am such a child on this journey. My attempts to express myself seem so amateurish. I see no depth in my work. Only superficial markings. I have so much more to say than what is there in front of me. I have lost the art of expressing myself. I guess these are my baby steps. Shaky legs faltering forward. I will not be subdued. I will continue to press forward even though I am aware that I am only a wrinkle on this cloth. I have so little time. It runs through my fingers and there is no bringing it back. I want each day to stretch onward. More time! Time to stitch, to dye, to design...time to cook and clean and practice French and most of all time to cuddle with my honey and let him know how much I appreciate this opportunity to know myself again.
2 comments on "Deep Thoughts"
  1. Just keep "doing" and you'll get "there". Afterall, it's the journey that's important. Concentrate your efforts on methods and projects that excite and give you joy. Those aspects cannot help but to appear in your work.