Climbing mountains

I have set myself up for another long journey. This one not being of land and distances but an ever onward plunge into self discovery and the search for more. Adventure is what I love, and this is one has no end in sight. Each day seems to hold new windows and doors. I am ever wandering.
I have started a new project. This one may take as long as my journey of self discovery. Actually I think it goes hand in hand with it as I am constantly stretching my mind to learn MORE. I have decided to make myself a wall hanging. I started out with the idea to make something similar to the india patchwork wall hangings that I have coveted for so long but could never bring myself to buy. As I sorted my materials and planned this project I kept wondering what I would do with each square. The ones in the patchworks I like are fairly simple and as I sat down to start the first square my mind was a blank. Then I realized I didnt have to conform to some set in stone idea of what an india patchwork wall hanging required. I could do anything! Why not make what I love the most? Use my favorite colors? In fact....who cares if it even resembles an india patchwork when I finish?
I have set my needle to the fabric and let it paint. This is the results of my first square and I love it. 1 down and many many more to go....
2 comments on "Climbing mountains"
  1. You know that Van Gogh is still my favorite....in light of chasing his mood and capturing your own essence, you are more than off to a good start!!! I noticed you use the word covet more than once....I would rather say that your work is so reminiscent of some of my earlier work, that I wish I was on this journey with you. Maybe I'ts time to just get up and dream again! =)

  2. It is never too late to start dreaming...and may your journey never end!