Can we eat it?

Yesterday was a beautiful day and D asked me if I would like to go wander about in town. We took the tram up to La Place De La Victoire as this is where La Rue Ste Catherine begins. This street is purported as being the longest pedestrian street in Europe. It is a nice walk down to the center of the city, with many interesting little shops all along the way. Many of the merchants take advantage of the nice weather and pull their merchandise out onto the streets for the walkers to peruse as they go by. The cafes have their tables set out along their store fronts and people sit back in the sun sipping a beer or enjoying a sunny lunch. It was a perfect day. We stopped at a kabob seller and had huge sandwiches made with a pita type bread stuffed with thin slices of lamb and topped off with fries....yes, they put the fries IN the sandwich, and I have decided I'm OK with that *hehe*. We wandered into several little stores, mainly ethnic shops as I love clothes from India nd other exotic locals. I coveted a scarf at one shop much, and D said I could have it if I wanted it, but I already have two scarfs so I let it pass.

As we passed by the Place Gambetta we came upon this lovely little soap shop "Las Delices du Bain" and neither of us could resist the heavenly smells coming from their door. We spent a good 15 minutes smelling all the soaps and deciding which were our favorites. They all smelled good enough to eat. "Fruit Salad, Coconut, Vanilla...all of the smells were heavenly! They had a big display in the center of the shop with lots of little bars of soap, buy 5 and get the 6th one free! Well thats all I needed to see. I made my way home with 6 little jewels nestled in my purse....... and the wonderful smells wafting up to greet my nose!

This is my third square completed. I love the rustic homespun feel of this one. It is very warming to the soul *grin* I am well into my fourth square and will try to finish it this weekend.
3 comments on "Can we eat it?"
  1. Tye dyed felt?, buttons,and golden stitches! I am growing happy, sad, inspired? This is great work Diane! I hold my breath for the next one. =)

  2. how I wish I had some felt to tie dye :p Just old jeans and cotton tshirt material!