...and another step

So I finally finished the fourth square. I love crazy quilts and I've done a lot of different things like this. I really like how this one turned out, it is different from the previous crazy quilt squares I've done. One thing D and I talked about this afternoon though was the concern that this wall hanging will be too BUSY. I have always had the tendency to be overly ornate, IN art class my teacher was constantly telling me to put my work across the room and look at it. To step back and quit getting so lost in the image. I remember how I would get lost in a piece drawing a million little bricks in a wall or every single strand of hair. So I have to be careful. I am determined though to continue making what I LIKE, not try to conform what it is 'supposed' to be. I guess as long as the ideas keep coming, I will continue to put them to cloth. How it all goes together is a future problem and I will tackle it when I come to it!

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  1. You Know I love crazy quilting also! Remember the Christmas Stockings you did for Sarah and Rachelle?...Well they were/are totally awesome....and with a project that small, the busy, ornate work is what makes the peice so special! On the One crazy quilt I could work on forever....there is no such thing a s a finished peice of fiber art!...I mixed in some very simple but profound blocks. Like the equare that has a man standing on a mountain peak, reaching for a star. Getting a bit wordy here =p