Crystal in a shop window in Bordeaux

....and 19, 612 to go! Thats how many more fabric strips I have to cut to finish my next rug, the big one for the living room. I hadn't planned on starting on this rug yet but then circumstances came about in such a way as that is where I ended up this week....cutting tshirts into strips.
Monday I had a headache all day that I just couldn't shake. I don't normally suffer from too many headaches. I didn't feel creative at all and even D noticed that I was out of sorts. Well Tuesday rolled around and in the middle of my French class I realized that I had just about the worst headache I've ever had. I came straight home from class, took an eferalgen (sp?) went to bed and SLEPT 5 HOURS. I have been out of sorts ever since, and being bent in the wrong direction has robbed me of any desire to create. The fact that my head just wouldn't stop pounding didn't help much either.
Stitching held no appeal to me whatsoever. I was completely stuck on this last square and felt no creative spark when I looked at it. So instead I sat on the couch watching old tv shows and cutting strips. The good news? Last night as I was falling asleep I thought up an idea for my square. I think I am on my way back up *wink*
Todays pic has absolutely nothing to do with this post. I love the colors though and waned to share them with you.
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  1. Just beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!!