Too busy to think!

Again I must extend my most sincere! apologies about how lax I have been with this blog. I have had so many things to post about and just never seem to have the time to sit down and actually make a post. Well...actually I do have the time but I am chosing to use that time to create instead. I have a million ideas whirling around in my head and I just have to get them out. Now.
FIrst off, I had a pile of clothes that I had set aside for repairs or alterations or some special need they had. The problem was that I came with quite the depleted wardrobe when I moved here to France. I cringe to think of all the wonderful clothes that I simply left behind when I came here. SO...I got out my HUGE bag of needy clothes and I set to work with a passion...and decided to throw some of that creative burn into my mending.
My first project was this beautiful long stick straight dress. Me...with a stick straight dress. If ever there was a mistaken notion flying in the wind..it was the day I bought that. I couldn't resist the material though. One of my favorite colors and a nice crinkle cotton that I really like the look of. SO..I chopped into it with a vengeance and recut it into a nice flared top. I took the pattern off of one of my favorite tops and had just enough material to make it work. It was a long slow process since my sewing machine broke and I had to do all of the seams by hand. After finishing it I decided it needed a little something. Not wanting to detract too much from the material I gave it a nice subtle embroidery on the front. It came out just perfect and I love it!

My second project was an old India top that I bought in Seattle about ten years ago. It is one of my absolute all-time favorite tops and I just wore it completely out. The side seams were fraying and under the arms was completely worn away. I really wasn't sure what I could do to save it but...it had an interesting bit of patch type work going down the back so I decided to play on that. the bottom of the back was the same material as the sides so I just took the whole piece off , chopped it in two and replaced the worn sides with that piece. then I took the small scrap I had left and reset it in the middle of the back and put a piece of satin under it turned inside out. I sewed tiny little pleats in the satin all the way down in a fan shape and then embroidered the little scrap above it. It came out really nice and I think I managed to save my top for a little bit longer!

I have been doing a lot more projects and will try to take the time to take some photos of them and post about them also. Hopefully you wont be waiting forever for that either :p
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  1. If ever there was a mistaken notion flying in the wind....your literary skills are as honed as those mending stitches!!! I think you have hit the creative jackpot in your life!! Your clothes are as beautiful as your personality here....Don't Stop =)