Of Winter Blues and Homesickness

It was my birthday this week, D was working HARD on finishing his project for Uni. It was due the day after my birthday...so he was hard at work till late the day before my birthday and on my birthday. I really let myself have a big pity party. My best friends ever both have birthdays right around mine. All I could think about was how we would be whooping it up big time in Seattle if I was there. I spent the day alone. No one back home remembered my birthday but one person. No emails. No phone calls. It was the worst birthday I've had in a LONG time. It made me realize something. I have no friends here. Not one. No one to talk to when D is busy. No one to go have coffee with...or a drink. Hell, I can't even speak french well enough to go by myself and order one. I REALLY need to get better at my French. Ah well, this is something I'm sure I'll get over in time.
In the meantime, I made myself another stain glass to go with the other one. I like it and so does D. He says I need to make a third now LOL!

I also made this awesome treat from some of the food blogs I read They all try out these recipes from Dorie Greenspan and this one looked too good to pass up. It was super rich and with a deep chocolate taste. I made mine with a dark chocolate orange bar and added a bit of orange extract to the batter. Yummi!

So I am working hard to get out of my slump. D hates to see me this way and really there isn't much he can do about it. I have been needing a coat, I have a heavy wool sweater that I wore this winter and a nice black wool cape, but nothing that is medium weight that I can just throw on to go to the store or a walk. I have a nice chunk of black fleece that I had bought to make D a coat with. His Mom gave him a nice one for Christmas though so I think I will make myself a coat this week. That will give me something to do to take my mind off all this dreary stuff.

Hope you are all well ^_^
4 comments on "Of Winter Blues and Homesickness"
  1. Even though we don't know each other, can I wish you a late happy birthday?

    I felt the same when I first came to Canada... lonely sometimes. It gets better ;)

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Do you have msn? If so, I'd love to chat with you sometime, I'm online all the time. Send me an email.

  3. Very late here - but happy birthday! I felt a bit the same on my birthday. I hadn't told anyone here about it so no one knew. I hope things are looking up for you now


  4. Happy late Birthday! I agree with Zhu - it does get better. I'm in Norway, not France but the feelings have been similar to yours.
    hang in there.