Time is slipping away

Sorry I haven't blogged much. This last week has been a whirlwind of activity. I've been working my fingers to the bone trying to catch up on this steady stream of work. My birthday was this week and it was very quiet. We did go to a nice hotel as a getaway and I really enjoyed it. We also had a wonderful little get together with several friends. Amanda, my best friend, had it at her house and really went to a lot of effort. Starting with a spread of finger foods. She had a nice baguette sliced and accompanied with boursin, a plate of deviled eggs, some roasted pork tenderloin, crackers, sliced cheese, etc. Then for dinner she made a wonderful salmon with a rub that turned out delicious. Also she had planned on making stuffed mushrooms but they were too small so she put them in a dish covered them with the stuffing and then added dollops of cream cheese on top, interesting but very tasty! She wrapped little sausages with bacon, and yes she is a pork fanatic, I think her favorite food of all time is bacon! She also had a nice fire in the back yard and barbequed chicken that she had soaked in chicken broth, salt and rosemary. It was delicious.Being as I am moving to France very soon she was in a quandry as to what to buy me for my birthday...so she bought me consumables LOL! lottery tickets, a pack of fancy colored cigarettes and a bottle of Jack Daniels. She was sure that they would all be gone before I left for France. I'm not so sure as I really haven't been drinking much but I guess I can save that bottle for a going away party. If I don't drink it all I'm sure my best buddy Jesse will :) We are leaving in three days for California. I'm so excited. I haven't been to California in years and D never has. We are going to spend two nights in San Francisco and then go camping along the coast all the way to Los Angeles. I'm really looking forward to it. I will surely have tons of pictures to post for you when I get back. Until then I guess it's back to working my fingers to the bone ^__^
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