Paperwork still = Hell

Well I finally finished redoing all my papers. This time I downloaded them from the government site and filled them in by hand. Nice and neat and a long torturous evening and next day to finish them. Ugh! I shouldn't complain. It saved me $250 by doing them myself. Now I sit here on pins and needles wondering if I filled them out correctly. Did I forget something? Did I cross every T and dot every I? All of this makes me so nervous :s One good thing though, I'm down to needing to request copies of one more document and getting my passport. Then all I have to do is wait for results and then book my flight! I still haven't began to decide what I am going to take and what to leave behind. We already decided to keep the storage space since it's only $100 a month and if we decide to come back in two years then we have everything to set up a household quickly. I know it sounds sort of silly but there are so many things in that space that I just can't give up and I can't see carting to France. It almost refreshing to start out a new life with only the things from a few suitcases though. I have planned on sending a few packages there with at least a little of my work materials. I spent 10 years collecting my various bits and pieces of every color imaginable of cashmere yarn and such. I can't even tell you how many times those little treasure chests have saved me time. Even when it comes to my work things though, I find it hard to justify spending money on postage to send most things over there. Wouldn't it just be easier and probably cost effective to just replace it all once I'm over there? Thankfully my job requires little in the line of equipment, and two of the main things I WONT be shipping ie a sewing machine and an iron :p Time is running out quickly. Isn't it funny how sometimes it goes so slowly (especially when you just want it to be over) and goes by so fast when you need it to slow down! Well in three months hopefully you will find me in France instead of here...and then three months of RELAXATION! D says he doesnt want me to worry about doing a thing at all when I first arrive except to get settled in, relax and be happy. I think I'm in heaven! ^__^
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  1. how exciting!!! you havent gotten here yet!

    It looks REALLY cold where you are

    Here today it was bright and sunny....